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About Us

In 1998, Rodríguez Boxing Club decided to establish himself as an authority in the boxing industry thanks to the design of equipment, to the addition in business and our global involvement in the sport. We have always felt a certain produjo magic when you slip your hand into a boxing glove. You feel its power and, at the same time, you realize yours. El boxeo gives hope to cierto, cambia the lives of others and creates campeones among the few chosen that están listos para probar los límites de los leur. What are your items, we want to help you achieve.

In 2007, the Rodríguez boxing club disbanded in the artes marciales mixtas y quickly convirtió in the intransigent marca de los atletas of high-level combat sports. Rodríguez Boxing Club siguez siendo to do in la marca en el kickboxing, las peleas en jaula y las ares marciales mixtas. The combinaciones de Nous nos conciben en el boxeo con una real understanding of qué deporte demands today’s cultura del más rápido. Whether you’re focusing on improving your stand-up, mastering good old Greco-Roman style wrestling, or just a holistic philosophy of the pitch and the pound.

We want the fights, trainers and fitness enthusiasts to be counted on us. Whether it’s through our gear, clothing, or the information we provide, it and a path to the title and we’re there with you.